New Discoveries, New Ideas

Such a curious world!  Researchers in Korea have been looking more closely at the actual physical structures that some are calling meridians.  These Bong Han Ducts, act similar to lymph systems to form nets throughout the body, around organs, and between body systems.  Their actual functions have not yet been clarified, but the potential is huge.  The video below is brief, but gives a general update as to what the researchers think is occurring in the body.   This is a very new discovery and area of research, with more to be unfolded and discovered in the near future.

While these structures are intriguing from a biomedical and a curiosity stand point, there is another camp that may be opposed to potentially defining a physical structure for the meridian.  This may put limits on what people define acupuncture as actually capable of, and may take an element of mystery away from the medicine.  Some may also say that there is no need for an actual body structure to be identified as a ‘meridian’, the medicine works and that is all that needs to be known.  Others need this scientific explanation to actually believe in the medicine.  Personally,  I find the research to be interesting and the potential for further integration with all forms of medicine inspiring.

What is your opinion?

~ by qidrop on July 5, 2011.

One Response to “New Discoveries, New Ideas”

  1. This is very interesting indeed. I personally have fully experienced the benefits of acupuncture, but even with my own testimony, many friends in my circle will not try it because it is too “out there” for them! I do think this research could serve to strengthen the practice of acupuncture, by providing scientific explanation to those who feel they need that in order to try accupuncture.

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