In the Beginning…

There was only this post.  But, then came the rest.  In establishing this blog I want to create  a space for education, reflection, and growth of the body, mind, and spirit.   My intention is to provide a source of health and well-being not only for the physical body, but for mental and spiritual balance.  Through topics such as acupuncture, oriental medicine, nutrition, philosophy, music, literature, herbal medicine, photography, the meaning of life, and more, I will weave a web to help support this intention.  I will draw from an eclectic collection of knowledge, photos, quotes, recipes, advice, and beyond.   From this I hope to encourage the evolution toward increased balance within the self and within the world around us. Sometimes the source of this is found in the most interesting of places.

I want to engage your eyes, ears, mouth, heart, mind, and soul.  Discovering health is an organic process, and must be approached at all angles with many unique methods.  It is truly a path of insight and discovery.

We are all on our own journeys to find health and balance.  I hope my words, ideas, and images can help you on yours.

~ by qidrop on May 20, 2011.

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